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Corporate Citizenship

Beposo Water TowerThe Company recognizes that community activities are an integral part of doing business on the African continent. We actively engage in dialogue and consultation with local communities to define and prioritize specific initiatives to advance those communities.

Education is one of the central pillars of our engagement with local communities. Our responsibility is to assist in the development of school facilities by providing building materials for new classrooms and funds for school supplies.

Water supply BeposoOne of our most important achievements to date has been the expansion of the school in Beposo and the construction of a water tower with lines to provide the water supply to the buildings.

The Company is also pleased to have assisted the village of Adumasa in getting electrical power to their homes, by donating numerous electricity poles.

This successful partnership between the Company and the local communities helps maintain peaceful operations in the area and further development of the infrastructure for the benefit of all the residents.

Norcan Company presents Electricity poles to community
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