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The Tialkam concession located in the Liptako area of Niger is at the northeastern tip of the major West African gold belt extending from the Atlantic coast in Ghana to the Niger River. The Liptako area is within the Main Shield, itself part of the Western African craton and consists predominantly of Lower Protorozoic Birimian formations composed of volcano-sedimentary belts that have been intruded by granitic rocks. The Tialkam concession is within the Sirba Belt and currently covers an area of 183 km².

The area can be reached via the paved road Niamey-Farié-Gothèye, a ferry boat is available at Farié to cross the Niger River. The area is also accessible via the Niamey bridge and by driving on a laterite road along the north shore of the Niger River. The travel time from Niamey is about three hours for the 130 kilometers trip and a four wheels drive vehicle is required.

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Previous Work

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) (1977-78)

An airborne magnetic/radiometric survey over the whole Liptako area has been funded by CIDA. Survair Ltd carried out the survey in 1970 and Tera Surveys did the data interpretation.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) (1990-91)

An airborne electromagnetic/magnetic Geotem survey over the Sirba and Tera belts has been funded by UNDP. The ‘Compagnie Générale de Géophysique’ (CGG) flew the survey and has presented an interpretation report with ground follow up recommendations. Maps produced are for the electromagnetic anomalies, the residual magnetic field, the decay rate amplitude, the channel 8 amplitude and the data interpretation.

A follow-up survey has been carried out in 1990/91 in the Boulkagou area over a cluster of gold anomalies detected in 1989/90 by the regional geochemical survey of the PADEM project. Geological mapping at 1:2000, soils geochemistry at a grid of 50m x 100m and ground geophysics (EM and MAG) have been carried out over an area of 17 km² at a line spacing of 100m for a total of 191 line kilometers.

Only 300 of the 4000 soil samples were assayed because the project budget was insufficient to cover the costs. A cluster of gold anomalies have been identified over a length of 1 km and a width of 200m, the highest gold values reach 2.94 g/t and 23.2 g/t.

Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) (1990-93)

JICA has collected soil samples at a grid of 500m x 500m over almost all the area of the Tialkam permit.

Programme d’Aide pour le Développement Minier’ (PADEM) (1990-94)

The PADEM project has carried out a regional geochemical survey over the western half of the Tialkam permit. Tactical geochemistry, drilling and trenching was done over the Tialkam NE, Tialkam Central, Tialkam Sud and Koukou Djangou targets. Several artisan mining sites are located in the Tialkam Central area.

This work has identified several clusters of anomalies but did not yield any significant gold intersections.

‘Fond d’Aide et de Coopération’ (FAC) (1989-92)

Geological mapping at 1:100 000 and hammer prospecting have been done over the whole Sirba belt by French geologists and with the collaboration of local geologists from the Ministry of Mines, Niger.

Barrick Gold (1995-1999)

Aerial photographies (265 color images) taken over the whole permit area at a scale of 1:15 000 have been used for the completion of a structural geology map and a geological map at 1:50 000, geophysical maps were also produced from the reprocessing of the airborne Geotem data.

Geochemical surveys were carried out from saprolite (10312), termite mound (230), river-bed sediment (262), soil (150) and lag samples (4033). The saprolite samples have been collected at a grid of 100m x 200m with a RAB drill rig, the grid sampling for the lags varies from 50m x 100m to 400m x 400m. All the samples have been analyzed by ICP and fire assays.

The gold showings and artisan mining sites, evaluated by a total of 1300m of drilling at depth of 40 to 60m along an inclination of 60° and by sixty trenches totaling 5624m, did not yield significant results. The best intersection is 0.66 g/t Au over the entire length of hole FTK98-9 that have been drilled along trench TTK98-1.

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